Thursday, August 1, 2013

where we stayed x2...

I realized I never did tell ya'll about the campground we stayed at in the Monterey area.  I like to make a note of where we stayed not only to provide some input for any of you that may be considering a stay of your own, but for future reference should we be returning to the same area.  Anyway...the park we were in for a month was called Marina Dunes RV Park.  It was different from any other park we stayed in on our travels...the sites were separated by trees/shrubs and privacy fences.  The fence was on three sides and it really made the site feel like a private little yard :).  Each site also had a chiminea and a small patio with picnic table.  The beach was a fairly short walk just across the dunes, that was nice :).  It was a bit on the pricey side, but for where it was we felt like it was worth it.

our campsite at Marina Dunes

After our short stop in South Dakota, we hit the road again with an RV park in north Florida as our next monthly destination...Pine Lake RV Park in Fountain.  We had looked at campgrounds closer to the beach, but because we were making last minute reservations there just wasn't anything available.  It worked out for the best anyway since the park in Fountain was closer to the grandparents (the main reason we were even in Florida).  My opinion of this park is mixed. the country, very quiet, safe.  Negatives...cramped site, crazy strict rules.  The rules were a kids were not allowed to even ride their bikes right in front of our camper on the campground road (there was zero traffic of any kind).  My oldest son, who at the time was one month away from turning 13, was told that because he was only 12 (he needed to be 13 per their rules) he couldn't leave our site without a parent. Not even to take the trash to the dumpster (which we could see from our site) and this is a chore he has done for me at campgrounds across the country.  I understand that rules are rules and all that, but it just seemed a little extreme.  So, if you plan to stop for a night or more with kids just know what to expect.  Oh, and their laundry had only I think two very high priced we would take our laundry to Panama once a week, not a big deal.

Overall, they were both good campgrounds and we would stay at either of them again :).

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