Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a tour of our RV bedrooms

Today I thought I'd share some pictures of the bedrooms in our 5th wheel.  We have a Jayco Eagle 365BHS; it has a bunk room at one end with an adjoining bathroom and the master bedroom is up a few stairs at the other end with a separate bathroom.  (the living room/kitchen are in the middle...I showed you a peek of those a few days ago)

There is a boys side...

...and a girls side...

...with a wardrobe in the middle.  The top of the wardrobe has a rod for hanging clothes, the bottom has six small-ish drawers...three on each side.

Under each bottom bunk there are also three big drawers.

Between the two doors, one leads to the living room and the other to the bathroom, is a small cabinet that holds their TV, playstation w/ games, and some dvd's.  The little white drawer unit sitting beside the TV holds their lego manuals and a few's on wheels so that they can roll it where ever they want it.

When we were in southern Arizona, we stopped by Target and bought two small folding desks/tables and folding chairs.  When it is time to do school work, we set up one desk on each side of the wardrobe in the kids room for two of the kids (the other three spread out at the dining table).  These tables are so multi-functional...we also use them as TV trays to eat on in the living room and outside as "whatever you need a table for" tables :).

The kids are currently using the curtains to display their Jr. Ranger badges and patches :).

There is a small hallway after you go up the stairs towards the master bedroom, this is where I keep another one of the rolling drawer units with the kids current school work (the rest is in the storage area under the master bed).

Not as much to see up here as in the bunk room :)...there's the bed, of course...

The closet with the mirrors is surprisingly really big.  It holds all of our clothes, computer/camera stuff, gift wrapping supplies, etc.  The louvered doors are where a washer/dryer could go if we had them, now I am using it as a linen closet.

At the end of the bed is a dresser with two large drawers.  Above this is a TV and some shelves...we never use this TV nor the shelves, really...maybe we can come up with something else to change it to one day that will be more useful for us...

I keep some of my seashells and bits of coral in my old jars on the dresser.  They are from one of our favorite places, Cape San Blas, Florida.

And that, friends, is the grand tour of our RV bedrooms :)!


  1. Thanks for sharing! My boys have a question. Where does kid #5 sleep?

    We have been seriously thinking about a change in our life. We have 4 boys - 9, 7, 5, & 1. We also have 2 small dogs. Many of the RVs I've looked at at set up similar to yours. Great to see one lived in!

    1. Hey are very welcome :)!

      Oops, I left out a kid, didn't I? We have 3 boys...the two oldest boys each have a bunk on the boy side of the room and the youngest boy has a bed that goes over there in the space between the bunks and the wardrobe that we only set up for sleeping. His bed is one of those futon flip chairs, it's really thick and comfy PLUS it gets folded up and gives us an extra chair during the daytime (we just stash his pillow and bedding away when he's not using them).

      In the photos above you may have noticed that each kid with a bunk has decorated their curtain and hung up some personal stuff on the wall. Because Tristan doesn't have a bunk, he gets to decorate the big window on the boy side (above the desk in one of the photos) and the wall space surrounding it.

      Having said all that...we are planning a little remodel that will add a 5th real bed to the kids' room. As soon as it's finished I'll get some pictures up and tell ya'll all about it :).

      Your boys are at such fun ages! I hope the changes you are considering work out for the best :)!