Friday, July 26, 2013

unique art for your RV

A long time back, I told ya'll about the kids and I going shopping at IKEA in Utah.  I had said I would tell you about what we purchased later...well, this is certainly later :)!

We got some small things not really worth mentioning, but the find of the day was a magnetic board for the RV.  (you can find it here)

SPONTAN Magnetic board IKEA Can be hung horizontally or vertically.

When we first set out on our adventure, we knew we wanted some sort of memento from the places we visited.  One thing that is always available to purchase...magnets!  I had never paid them any attention before, but they are the perfect thing...small, cheap, and a mini snapshot of each place visited.  I was thinking of hanging a sheet of galvanized metal in the RV to put the magnet collage on, but when I saw this board at IKEA I decided "close enough" and went with it :).  Dan hung it for me on the end of the kitchen cabinets and I got busy filling it up...

It really is fun to pick out each new magnet and then fit it onto the board when we get home.  It's also fun to look at the board and remember each special day represented.

I love that it's a unique piece of art for our home :) of a kind for sure!

...annnd, since it was a rainy day when I was taking the pictures of the magnet board, I also snapped a few more around the living room/kitchen area...just for something to do :).

I'm noticing that one certain child has managed to hop all over the camper and get into as many pictures as possible, hahaha...he cracks me up :D!

***feel free to share this idea if you like it, just please link back to this post if you do :)


  1. We collect magnets as well..;)

    We started to run out of space, so had to get creative. Rather than buy magnets, we often buy hatpins or hiking stick badges. On the pins you can just break off the post, and Wal-mart sells magnet buttons with sticky tape already on the back. Break off the post, peel and stick a magnet on the back, and voila - instant (smaller) magnet.

    We've also created magnets from rocks, guitar picks, bottle openers, coins, etc - any memento from the day.

    When your Ikea board fills up you can also just source pieces of sheet metal (I think big box retailers like Lowes have them) and find places to attach them in the RV. I cut pieces of sheet metal to fit recesses in our cabinetry so we could put more magnets in those places.

    1. Good morning :) and thank you for the great comment!

      I love your ideas for adding to the variety of magnets...the boys bought some replica coins from an old fort we visited a few weeks ago and I'm thinking now of turning one of those into a magnet for our board. I can't wait to get some of the sticker magnets you mentioned!

      I do have a couple do you break the post off the hatpins? Any certain tool(pliers?)work best? As for the sheet metal, how do you attach it? I would love to try would give me more options for adding to our "art collection" ;).

      Do you have pictures up on your blog of some of your magnet boards? I hope so...I'd love to see them! Going over there now to check it out :)...