Saturday, August 10, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Trevor!

I am officially the mother of a teenager.  A teenager!  Our oldest son turned 13 this year and grew at least 6" taller...seemingly overnight.  He is actually taller than me now, which is happy/sad...where has the time gone???

Ok, enough mush...he IS a teenager and all ;).

His Dad was away at work on his actual birthday, so we just had a laid back day doing whatever he wanted to do.  What did he choose?  A seafood lunch and then a trip to one of our favorite beaches on Cape San Blas...sounds good to me :)!

the sand there is so powdery soft, it squeaks when you walk on it :)

It was a really windy day, so swimming was out of the question (rip currents and red flags).

We still had an awesome time.  Just as we crested the dunes we were greeted by the sight of several dolphins playing just off shore.  The little kids happily exclaimed that they were "birthday dolphins"!  Hehehe, cute :)...

that black blur in the water is a dolphin

There was the always coveted tidal pool in the sand that had fresh sea water flowing through it the entire time.  Those are the best!  This one was deep enough that the kids could lay down in it and be covered by the water.  They spent most of the day lounging in that pool.

They also made drip castles, pretty big ones...

There were tons of sea shells to pick through that day.  Always fun...

We stayed until nearly sunset, the biting bugs come out down there as the sun goes down and we really didn't want to stay for that part ;).  The ride home was nice, pretty views of St. Joe Bay...

At home, it was time for cake and a few gifts.  We also picked up pizza for dinner, at the request of the birthday boy.

When Dan got home on his days off, we had a triple birthday party...Dan's birthday is 2 weeks before Trevor's, and Dan's dad's is the same day as Trevor's.  A busy month :)!  The three of them had went fishing down near Orlando and so we had a big fish fry for the birthday dinner...complete with more cake and gifts for all the birthday boys :).

Happy Birthday, teenager ;)!

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  1. Best way to celebrate a teenager’s birthday. A very happy 13th! My daughter will turn 16 next month and she also wants to celebrate her birthday differently. I am planning to book one of the water-side LA venues for her birthday celebration.