Sunday, August 18, 2013

Guess what... sitting in my driveway right now!

OUR CAMPER :)!!!  Sorry for typing so loud ;), but I am really happy to have it back!

We called the repair shop to check on their progress, like we've been doing for the past several months that they've had it.  This time, the girl that answered the phone was like..."yeh, it's been ready".  Say what???  And why has no one bothered to call and let us know?  Sheesh...

Anyway...we go to pick it up and of course we check everything out to see if all the repairs have been done.  Everything looks good except for one thing.  Those fabric boards that we waited 5 months (!) for Jayco to make special?  Um, they made them wrong :(.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

The boards I'm talking about are the fabric covered ones in the garage of our 5th wheel.  For anyone that may not know, we had some water leaks in the underparts of our camper and the wood and boards got soaked with water.  and started to smell really musty.  and had to be replaced.  blah, blah, yuckity blah. 

The original boards were wrapped in the fabric on all the edges and the front.  These boards that we waited for just have the fabric on the front and exposed wood on the edges.  Not nearly as nice looking or sturdy. 

original boards with fabric wrapped edges

new boards with fabric only on the front

At this point, we aren't willing to leave it in the shop any longer to wait for them to make more fabric boards.  We had a note made on the service receipt about the boards being different, hopefully Jayco will replace them correctly if we have any issues with them (like things catching on the edge and pulling the fabric away from the wood).

Ok, time to get outta there!  We ask for the keys to our camper and...wait a minute, where's the keys?  They fumble around and realize that they have LOST our keys.  The entire set.  I was speechless.  What kind of camper repair place loses your camper keys?  I have never heard of that happening to anyone.  Imaging dropping your car off at the car repair place and when you go to pick it up, they have LOST your keys.  After much searching and no finding, they took down some numbers from our camper to have a new set mailed to us by Jayco.

At the end of the day, I am just happy to have our camper back.  Let's keep our fingers and toes crossed that everything stays fixed this time :)!

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