Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Mexico Beach, Florida

One of the beaches that we visit as often as possible is Mexico Beach, Florida.

It has the beautiful white sand and clear waters that this area is known for.

The kids love spending a day at the beach.

They play, and play, and play.  It is so nice :).

Some of them always dig up what we call periwinkles.  I just looked them up online and they are actually called coquina clams...I doubt we call them anything other than periwinkles, though ;).

i found this beautiful picture {here} when i googled periwinkles

You can find them in the sand where the waves sweep back and forth.  As the wave recedes, dig your toes in the sand and a rainbow of periwinkles will be exposed.  Grab them quickly, they are speedy little things and will rebury themselves in a blink.

My littlest brought me his bucket full of sand and water so that I could watch his periwinkles dig in and hide :).

The kids discovered a big hole someone had dug.  It was pretty deep and had seats made into the sides of it.  They had fun playing in it and then filled it back in before we left.  Why did we bother filling it in?  Because it was late when we left and a big hole on a beach at night is dangerous for anyone or anything (nesting sea turtles) that might literally stumble upon it.

While we were playing, we kept seeing some clouds behind us that looked like rain.  We kept an eye on them, but the rain fortunately never came to where we were.  What did come was super pretty...

...a rainbow!  At the beach!

With all the trees that Florida has, we don't very often see a rainbow.  To see one at the beach was extra nice :)!

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