Thursday, August 8, 2013

our summer pets

We love (most) animals...and it would appear that they really like us, too.  It is nearly a daily event around here to spot some new creature in our yard, on the beach, in the water, and sometimes even on our porch (yikes!).

There are kitties here that just adore our kids...and vice versa...

The kitties and the fox do not like each other, though.  I was surprised to see that the fox is scared of the cats!  All it takes is one kitty to arch its back and the fox makes a speedy exit, hehehe...

From our balconies, we have watched dolphins playing in the bay.  We can also sit and watch the many birds doing all their bird things...the pelicans and osprey are our favorites of the birds :).  It's no wonder there are large birds living around here...the bay is teeming with life.  Fish of all sizes can be seen every single time we take the time to look.  Most common are schools of minnows and small bait fish that hang out by the sea wall.  Also common are mullet, they can be seen jumping pretty much every day out there...

mullet jumping in the bay

Some of our visitors are discovered with less the snakes.  I have never in my life seen as many snakes as I have in my very own yard this summer.  First reaction?  Fuh-reaked me totally out!  The more I see them, and I can not believe I am actually saying this, but I am actually getting used to them.  They don't appear to be aggressive, so they do their thing and we let them...with a WIDE distance and frequent reminders to the kids to be aware...

I enjoy just slowly walking along the sea wall.  The breeze is nice and there is always something waiting to be discovered :).  Often I find at least one sting ray just hanging out...

I love that the kids are getting to really experience so many different sea creatures, too.  They each have a little net and a bucket for catching "pets".  Lots of hermit crabs, conchs, minnows, and various other species of crabs.  They have even caught some blue crabs, the kind people eat...we don't eat them, though...just watch them for a while and then put them back in the bay :).

hermit crab

small conch

blue crab

the kids always make them a habitat in the bucket until time to let them go

The girls even found some mermaid jewelry ;).  It is actually the eggs of a cool is that?!

each circle is full of tiny baby conchs

This is such a special place to spend our summer and we are doing our best to enjoy each and every day of it :)

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