Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Trouble in paradise

Because of all the water leaks we have had under our camper, we check things out under there often.  We had been in Monterey for just over one full day with full hook ups and Dan decided to look under the camper for any drips.  Not really expecting to find any since once again we had only days before been given the "all clear" at the latest repair shop.

Well, guess what?  He saw drips.  Lots of drips.

When he came inside to tell me I was just dumbfounded.  This is SO not normal.  Even the repair places have all said that Jayco is normally an excellent manufacturer and that what we have been through is odd.

So, next thing to do was empty the garage once again and look for the source of the water.  When Dan started taking things out he was noticing lots and lots of water.  I'm talking a huge puddle and things were getting wet all the way in the front of the garage and the drip underneath was towards the back of the camper like the most recent time.  EEK!  We haven't had any water damage to anything during all of these repair shenanigans, thankfully, but if we couldn't somehow plug the monsoon that had sprouted then that appeared likely to change.  And no, I'm not exaggerating. 

He got the garage emptied and took the access panel off to see the pipes and stuff.  It was very obvious where the water was coming from.  One of the repairs that had just been made was gushing water.  Not dripping, literally spraying it out.  What in the world?  Fortunately it was in a spot that he could reach and when he turned the fitting it was loose, like they had only barely tightened it at the shop.  Good grief!  He tightened it properly and the water stopped.  After mopping up the water in the garage it all dried out quickly and no real harm was done.  I am so thankful for a husband that knows how to handle stuff like that (and that it happened when he was home, not when he was gone to work)!  I am also thankful that we didn't have to make another trip to another repair shop :p!

I just have to ask...do things like this happen to anyone else?  Is it just us?  We joke and say that our camper must have been made on a Friday afternoon or something.  Craziness

The other trouble that came upon us was in the form of some kind of flu bug.  It hit me and all five kids hard and all at the same time.  Some bad, bad stuff I tell ya.  I was afraid that we were gonna have to go see a doctor, something that we haven't had to do for illness in years.  Fortunately we are all doing much better now and the doctor trip wasn't needed.  Don't get me wrong, doctors are great when you need one.  But getting well without taking antibiotics, etc is even better.  I thank God for healthy bodies that can heal themselves. 

While Dan managed to avoid getting the flu from us, he caught it at work.  Poor guy :(.  (for those of you that don't know, he works several weeks at a time away from home and then he is home for several weeks) He feels a little better now than a few days ago, hopefully he'll soon be feeling 100%.

These things haven't been big trouble, more troublesome I suppose.  When planning for a vacation or a trip like ours things like water leaks and flu bugs aren't in the plan.  Life is life no matter where you live it and sometimes things can go wrong.  At the end of the day I can still sit back and count my blessings.  They far outweigh the troubles, you know.  Life is good

Something else I'm thankful for?  This...

Trouble?  What trouble...

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