Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Nevada - Las Vegas

As I mentioned yesterday, we had to get up early and get ready for an appointment in Vegas.

What kind of appointment?  One at the RV Repair shop, of course!  I kid you not.

We have been traveling full time since the middle of August, so nearly five months.  We have had our brand new, 2012 Jayco Eagle in the shop for warranty repairs five times so far.  Five times!  Pretty ridiculous...

A week or so earlier one of the grey water cables broke when we went to shut it.  Fortunately, it broke in the open position and really didn't cause us any inconvenience.  Our camper is under a two year warranty, so we scheduled a repair appointment in Las Vegas.

Good thing we had that appointment scheduled...remember the water leaks we had back in Salt Lake City?  When we were getting everything hooked up to leave Needles, water started dripping from the bottom of the camper in the exact same spot as before.  When we got to Boulder City, Dan emptied our garage and found that several of the repairs that were made in SLC were leaking again.  We always use a pressure regulator, so the only explanation is that the repairs weren't done correctly.  Not cool.

Anyway, looking on the bright least we already had an appointment scheduled :)!  We let the campground know we weren't leaving for good, just for the day, and off we went.  After dropping the camper off at the shop, we went to the nearest Camping World.  What is it about that store?  I never want to go in there and yet I always find a gazillion things in there I want?  Haha!  Dan kept me in check, and we got the heated water hose we went in for plus only one other thing.  Not too bad ;).

We had the whole day to fill while waiting on our camper, so we decided to check out the Vegas Strip.

Whoa!  It was seriously packed with people!  The only place we had really planned to go with the kids was the M&M Store.  It would have been neat, but there was just WAY too many people.  We were all content to just ride by all of it.

Where else can you see the Statue of Liberty, Egyptian Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, and so much more all wrapped up in roller coasters and glittery lights?  Only in Vegas...

And don't forget Elvis, he was there with his pals Mario & Luigi and some gold dude.  Haha!

The same street continues into Downtown Las Vegas...

Here we saw a tall building similar to the Space Needle in Seattle.  As we drove by, there were some people doing the SkyJump from the top.  Crazy...

see the itty bitty person?

We knew that the pawn shop from Pawn Stars was in Vegas.  I was looking down when we passed it and almost missed getting a picture.  I managed half a picture :).  It's true about the line to get was wrapped around the block.  No thanks!

Just as we were leaving the strip, the repair shop called to tell us our camper was ready.  They were only a few streets over from us so it worked out perfectly.

PS - Palm trees are awesome  :)

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