Wednesday, January 16, 2013

California - Visalia

Guess what?  The new leak we noticed under the camper while we were in Pahrump, just a few short days after having the camper in the shop having water leaks fixed?  That leak?  Yeh, it didn't magically go away.

After being in Visalia with the water hooked up for one full day, the drip started again.  We pretty much figured it would...but ya gotta hope for the best, ya know?  That's not to say that it isn't aggravating or discouraging.  It is.  One of the reasons that we bought a new camper was to avoid issues like this.  *sigh*  Whatever.  The bright side (yep, I'm lookin there again) is that we do have an excellent warranty that has paid for every repair.  Also, we have been able to get in for repairs every time we need them without any kind of a wait.  That's always nice.

So...bright and early on the morning of the 2nd we called the nearest repair shop.  They could see us just as soon as we could get there and they were only a few minutes away from our campground.  Sweet :)!  We got packed up in record time and drove over to the shop.  We left the truck and camper there and set out to see some of the local area in my car.

The first place we went looking for was a produce market.  We stopped at a place called Sequoia Produce, Flowers & More and I am SO glad we did :).  I have to admit, we weren't in the most cheerful moods because of our camper issues.  The super sweet lady running the market was just what we needed to turn our morning around.  Her happy attitude was contagious and we all left there with smiles :).

What started off as a conversation between her and the kids about some sequoia cones she was selling (which are ginormous), led to a fun little tour of her shop.  She explained all of the unfamiliar fruits to us and gave everyone samples to try.  Who doesn't love samples, right ;)?  Then she started telling us about all the different varieties of honey she sells.  She wanted us to try them, so she set up a honey tasting.  Never done that before, but it was neat to compare the different flavors.  Our favorites were the orange and avocado.  We ended up buying several bags of stuff...the avocado honey, apples, onions, cabbage, fuyus (so good), pomelo, shelled walnuts, dried peaches and bananas, and more...all for right at $20 total.  Say what?!  Mmhm, California has awesome prices on some really awesome produce.  Makes me very happy :)  As we were leaving she told us about the town of Lindsay, famous for the Lindsay Olives you see in every grocery store.  It was only a 15 minute drive, so we headed over there next.
olive trees

Several of our kids love black olives (they will ask for them to snack on) and were excited to see all of the olive trees full of olives...

We stopped at another farm stand in Lindsay and the first thing we noticed when we got out of the car was the olives.  There were black olives all over the ground.  We looked up and we had parked under an olive tree :), so funny!  We (I) couldn't resist the ridiculously cheap produce and picked up some things we didn't get at the other place.  Lemons, meyer lemons, avocados, shelled almonds, and local olives. We got it all for a song :).  Just to give you an example of the prices, we bought ten pounds of just picked oranges for a whopping $2 total.  TWO BUCKS :)!  I admit, I'm a geek when it comes to quality food at affordable prices :p

just part of what we got that day

While we were driving through Lindsay, we saw a little taqueria.  It caught our eye because the man was cooking outside over a fire.  It was lunch time, so we stopped to check it out.  There was just the man and his daughter cooking the food and it all smelled really good.  We got our order to go and found a little park to eat at.  The food was good and it was nice to eat outside in the sunshine.

At this point, we called the repair shop to see what they had found.  There were a couple leaks that needed fixing and something else.  They discovered a design flaw of sorts that allowed any water from a leaky connection (from where you hook the water hose up to the camper) to run down inside the belly of the camper.  Even though there is a drain hole at the bottom of the hook up area it wasn't sealed and the water would run down the inside of the camper instead of outside.  They saw this happening when they hooked a water hose up and it leaked a little.  We all know water going in is bad.  Jayco gave them the go ahead to modify the drain area and of course fix the leaks.  We are SO hoping that this will be the end of our water leaking problems.  When this all started in Utah the repair shop there fixed twenty something leaks that they said were "incorrectly crimped at the factory".  Time has shown us that the repairs made by that particular shop were poorly done.  So, we have now had a handful of the same leaks re-repaired.  Hoping, hoping, hoping that all twenty something they did aren't gonna fail :(.

Ok, a couple more hours until we could pick up our camper.  We thought of something else to for some cheap used books!  Our family loves to read.  Weekly trips to the library were something we all enjoyed when we lived in a regular house and something we have really been missing.  It was easy to spend the rest of the afternoon browsing and selecting some new (to us) books.  The kids dove into them the minute we were back in the car :)

Finally, we picked up our fixed (hopefully this time!) camper and took it back to the campground for our last night in Visalia.

Whew...ramble much?  If you made it all the way through this long post about such a random mix of things that made up a day in our life then you are great :)!  Thanks for reading :)!

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