Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Our first night in Nevada

We left Needles, California the day after Christmas and drove north to Boulder City, Nevada.  We had reservations for three nights on Lake Mead.

The drive up was decent.  It started out with a really bumpy road, but as soon as we were in Nevada the roads were much better.

Our campground was in the LM National Recreation Area.  This meant a fee was required to enter.  We had hoped that our NP Pass would cover the entrance fees, and it sorta did.  Because we drive two vehicles, the truck pulling the 5th wheel and my suv, the Ranger said we could only use the pass for one vehicle even though both of our names are on the pass.  Oh well, I had to pay $10 for an entrance pass for my vehicle.

When we arrived, we were given a pull through spot that was super long...long enough for the truck to stay hitched up to the camper and for me to park behind with room to spare.  That was nice :).

I didn't realize that LM offered a Jr. Ranger program, but Dan checked and sure enough..they did.  We quickly got things set up and drove into the visitor center with about two minutes to spare.  We stopped just long enough for the kids to each get a book to work on over the next couple of days.

Next, it was time to find some food.  We stopped at the first place that looked good..Panda Express.  After a quick dinner, we drove into Vegas to do a little shopping.  The kids had all received gift cards from their grandparents for Christmas (thank you!) and couldn't wait to spend them. 

When everyone was all shopped out, we went back to the campground.  The kids all headed to the showers and I headed to the laundry room.  yay.  The laundry there was so-so.  The room wasn't heated (it was freezing cold) and the dryers took a good hour to dry each load.  So yeh, that part wasn't great but it was ok.  With everyone and everything all cleaned up it was time for bed.  We needed to get to sleep so that we could get up early the next morning for an appointment in Vegas...

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