Thursday, January 17, 2013

Beach bound

We left Visalia and continued west.  As far west as we could go, I am quite happy to say!  Our destination for the next month?  Monterey, California :)!  Now you see why we decided to leave the desert?  If given a choice, I will always choose the beach.  Even in the middle of winter :).

When we typed in our destination, the map told us to take 99 up past Fresno and then 152 west towards the coast.  That would mean Interstate pretty much the whole way.  Blech.  Dan did a little checking and found a road that would take a bit longer but promised to be way more scenic.  Hwy 198.  We followed it west out of Visalia all the way to 101.  It started out as just a straight road through lots (and lots, and lots...) of farms.  I have never seen such vast fields, mega huge.  Then it got really interesting.  There was a sign just before we entered the hilly part of the drive that warned trucks pulling trailers to not go.  Um, we have a truck pulling a trailer.  A 40' trailer.  Does that count?  I radioed Dan and he wasn't concerned, so on we drove.  There were a few times when I held my breath because it looked like a tight corner for the camper, but it was all fine.  Then, all worries of us being able to go all the way through were erased when a semi blew by us from the opposite direction.  If he could make it through, we surely could :).   It was a nice country drive.  If you ever follow in our path, I would definitely recommend it over the boring interstate (just fill up with gas and get some food first).

By the time we got to Monterey it was evening.  We arrived at our campground without any problems and got all set up.  Other than going out for a quick dinner, I really can't remember what we did that evening.  Hmm...  Oh wait, yeh I can.  Cable TV.  The boys were quick to check that out :).  Most of the places we have stayed these past five months have either not had cable hookups or they have been so fuzzy that you couldn't see it if you wanted to.  The cable here is crystal clear (I had honestly forgotten we even have it until now, too much to do besides watch tv).  Anyway, that first night we just chilled and watched Gold Rush.  

But the next morning? 

So beautiful!  I can hardly believe that we get to spend the next month looking at this view every day :)

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