Sunday, January 27, 2013

A perfect day

A couple of weekends ago, we had the perfect relaxing day (to me, anyway).  We slept late and took our time getting ourselves together for the day.  When we finally decided to leave the house it was to make a very short drive to a once a week farmer's market in Marina, Ca.  The market was nice...easy parking, not too crowded, and plenty of things to browse :).  We ended up with some organic lettuce ($2 for a bagful!), crimini mushrooms, napa cabbage, and an assortment of fresh breads (the ciabatta was the best i've ever eaten).  And lunch!  Can't forget that :)  There were a few different choices for lunch, but we went with the one thing there that we had never tried...falafel!  We ended up getting three gyros and a few bags of the falafel balls to share.  I am glad we didn't each get our own because the gyros were HUGE and the falafel were very filling (and really good, the kids now ask for them).

We went home to put our goodies away and eat our lunch from the market.  A nap sounded a bit tempting, but we really aren't nap takers.  So instead, we headed to the beach.  Just as relaxing, in my opinion :).

There were only a handful of people out walking the shoreline, so that was nice.  Very peaceful.

We had been walking for maybe thirty minutes when we started to find some nice pieces of sea glass at the very edge of the waves.  Literally washing up at our feet :).  So fun!

There were pretty colors of the perfectly tumbled glass...

...and something different.  We found several pieces of sea glass that were all melted before being tumbled by the ocean.  Hmm...  I wonder where it came from and how it got melted?

Monterey is such a beautiful place.  There were dolphins playing just off the shore.  We always love watching them, they seem so happy :).  All I had with me for taking pictures was my cell phone, so no photos of the dolphins.  I did manage a photo of these cute little birds...

They were the funniest little things.  As soon as a wave would recede, they would run... out and nibble up bits of whatever at the water line and at the last possible second, as the wave would be coming back in, they would run... away from it.  Their tiny little legs were a blur they were going so fast :).

That was our day, simple and nice :)

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