Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Donuts and sea glass

I wanted to do something a little bit special with the kids one morning.  Just because :).  Instead of our usual breakfast at home and then time for school work, I declared a fun morning.  I woke the kids up at daylight, we quickly dressed, and went into town to get some donuts at Red's.

Red's is a tiny little donut shop in Seaside with a great variety of fresh donuts.  The place was busy, but the sweet ladies working the counter had us in and out quickly and with a smile.  We took our box of donuts and drove over to the beach, just a couple minutes away.  It was early enough in the morning that we had the beach to ourselves.  Donuts on a quiet beach with my favorite little peeps?  Any day :)!

We ate our donuts as we walked along the shore...and what a walk it was!  We had our best day yet for finding sea glass.  We literally could not take a single step without seeing a piece, or lots of pieces.  Some small but many large and perfectly frosted. There were also quite a few pieces of pretty sea pottery. 

I decided to take a fun picture of some of our finds.  These are a few of our prettier sea glass pieces (and one rock on the bottom) from the morning...

There was so much sea glass that we could have spent all day just walking and looking.  It's so fun because each piece is totally different from the last.  You just never know what you'll find :)

We didn't stay all day, after a few hours it was time to go home...we were out of drinking water and little legs were getting tired.

What a fun morning we had!  I love that we are making these special memories with our kiddos :)


  1. Cool!!! Sea Glass!! We paid money to BUY that stuff in FL! Sounds like it was a day to remember--way to go, Melonie, for declaring a fun day--you'll not regret it!

    1. Hey Rhoda :)! Thanks for the encouraging words, we did have a good time that day. I'm sure the kids would love to show you their collections of sea glass the next time we see ya'll :)