Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Our first piece of sea glass

The flu kept us in the house for a few days of rest.  I have to tell you, I think that those few days were some of the hardest I have had in the camper.  Hard as in -I missed being in a regular house- kinda thing.  It sure would have been nice to have my own washer & dryer, a big bathtub full of bubbles to soak in, and on and on...

At the same time, it sure was nice to be only a few feet from the kids when they needed me for anything.  And, this tiny house is a breeze to clean from top to bottom.  We threw open all the windows and washed everything we could get our hands on in here.  Moving around doing all the cleaning made us feel better, so we decided it was time to get out of the house.  Where better to go than the beach, right? :)

The beach we went to had a trail through the dunes with some deep sand and pretty steep hills.  I sure could tell we weren't 100%, we were moving pretty slow at times.  That's ok though, we weren't in any hurry.  It felt good to just be out in the sunshine and salty air :).

After we got down on the beach and started walking along Trevor spotted something in the sand.  Sea glass!  Our very first piece!  We had heard about sea glass, but we had never seen any before.  All the other kids started looking for it and everyone found at least a small piece.  So fun :)

We walked for a while and it was evident that our energy was really lacking.  My little guys usually run all over the place and they were asking to sit on a log on the beach.  So pitiful :(.  After a rest on the log we decided to call it a day and head back home.

Well, when we got back home we wanted to know more about sea glass.  We got on the computer and found out that there are several really good beaches for finding sea glass not very far away.  We checked the tides for the next day and made plans to visit another beach as long as everyone felt well enough.

The next morning we all woke up feeling better than we had the previous day.  Must be the "beach therapy", right :)?  We decided "yes" and when it was nearing low tide we headed to the beach.  hehehe.  I tease, but I really do think it helped.  The second day we were able to walk without tiring so easily and breathe much easier, too.

Anyway, the previous day had been sunny and fairly warm.  This day was the opposite.  We walked down the beach and were finding a few bits of sea glass but nothing like we had expected.  Several people on the internet had found tons of it with pictures to back it up.  Hmph.  So we kept walking and looking until we came to some people out in the edge of the water with nets.  As the waves would recede, they were using their little nets to scoop the sea glass from the water. that's how you find it.

I didn't want the kids anywhere near the water because it was so cold, so we started walking up the beach towards the dunes to look for some at the high water line.  Audrey let out a shriek and when I looked down there was a small pile of little rocks with sea glass in it just plopped down on the beach.  One of the men that was in the water scooping for glass had dumped it there to pick through and was done with it so he told the kids to go ahead and keep whatever they found in it.  They were so excited :).  This same man saw how happy it made the kids and went back in the water several times to scoop them up some more material with all different colors of sea glass in it.  How nice is that?!  He totally made their day, they kept talking about how kind that man was to them. 

I was curious about the sea glass swirling around in the edge of the water.  With the kids a safe distance up the hill I went down to the edge to check it out.  As I was looking at the pretty glass a wave was heading my way.  Uh huh...I got splashed pretty good.  From about mid thigh down.  Doh!  Fortunately for me, the kids were tired of mining (as they called it) and we soon left for home and warm showers :).

So fun to find little treasures from the sea!  The kids can't wait to go back on a warmer day and try to scoop some with their nets :)

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