Friday, January 11, 2013

Nevada - Lake Mead

After visiting the Hoover Dam and having lunch, we went for a drive through the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.

The kids needed to do a few activities so they could finish up their Jr. Ranger books.

One thing required was that they view various types of plants.  That was easy :).

Another requirement was for them to observe an animal.  That was a bit trickier.  There just aren't many animals running around in the desert.

We had been driving around for a little while, going to each different scenic overlook, boat ramp, whatever.  At one of these places, just quietly watching us go by, was this guy...

He (or she?) watched us for a minute and then walked to the edge of a hill and sat down.  The kids were happy, they enjoyed watching the coyote and could also finish their books.

It was a beautiful evening for a drive.

The sun was setting-

-and a full moon was rising.

It doesn't get much prettier than that!

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