Saturday, January 12, 2013

Nevada - Pahrump

The next morning we slept in and then took our time getting ready to leave.  Our next destination was less than two hours away, so there was no hurry.

When we got everything together, we left Boulder City and headed west to Pahrump, Nevada. We had plans to stay there for the next two nights and visit Death Valley National Park.

As we got closer to our destination, I was becoming a little leery.  It wasn't looking like the most family friendly area.  We turned down several roads leading us away from town and then into our campground.  Wow!  What a very nice surprise!  There was green grass, lots of trees, a beautiful little lake full of pretty birds, and paved paths winding around all of it.  Everything was very clean and there were lots of families around.  What a relief!

After getting the camper set up, we went into town to get a few groceries.  The Smith's grocery was really nice, we got some steaks and veggies to cook for our dinner and some picnic foods to take along to Death Valley the next day.  There was a Sonic on our way back to the campground and it just happened to be happy hour.  Half price drinks?  Yes please :)

Back at the camper the kids wasted no time getting out their legos.  They had all gotten some new sets for Christmas and were excited for an entire afternoon to create and play.  It was chilly outside, but that is where they wanted to be.  They insisted it wasn't cold to them ;)

Dan got a chance to use his Christmas present, too (the kids and I got him a portable gas grill, the Weber Q220).  He said it worked great and I'd hafta agree based on how delicious the steaks he cooked were :).

We had a great evening just hanging out in our "yard" grilling, playing, and simply being.

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