Friday, October 11, 2013

We have bunnies!

Well, sort of :).

I was opening up the windows the other afternoon to let the cool breeze in when I noticed three big, fat bunnies gathered around the neighbors camper.  My first thought was that they must be their pets because they don't look like any wild bunnies we've seen before.

But no, the neighbors weren't even home.  So it couldn't be their pet bunnies, left to roam free in the campground.  The kids and I tried to sneak around and get closer to them just to see how they would react.  They took off!  Not pet bunnies, for sure.

Maybe they once belonged to someone, but they are wild now.  We see them at least once a day now that we know to look for them.  They run all over the place, darting in and out of campsites, munching on clover.

So cute :)!

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