Wednesday, October 2, 2013

how we roll...

getting ready to leave Cherokee, NC, and head further north

I have been asked by many people how a family of seven travels full time with a fifth wheel...what kind of truck do we have that will seat all of us and pull our 40' camper?  Well, we don't have that kind of truck (maybe some day!!!, they do exist!).  We have a big Dodge dually that seats...six.  Yep, one seat shy of seven.  So, we drive two vehicles...Dan drives the big truck to pull the camper and I follow behind him in the Expedition with our bicycles perched on the back.  We have a set of hand held radios, one in each vehicle, to talk to each other as we travel.  It works for us for now and since we often stay in one place for a month (or more) at a time, having the two vehicles has been really nice.

If you see a black Dodge dually pulling an Eagle 5th wheel with a white Ford Expedition (sporting a collection of bicycles) hot on its's probably us :)!

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