Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Woolly Worm Says:

The upcoming winter is going to be epic.  According to the woollies, there will be more snow in Pennsylvania than they will know what to do with this winter.  Ugh.  That doesn't sound very good, now does it?

I guess I should tell ya'll what I'm talking about before you start thinking I have completely lost my last bit of sanity.  We went to the Woolly Worm Festival in Lewisburg, PA, today!  This festival is centered around the old legend about the woolly caterpillars being able to predict the severity (or mildness) of the upcoming winter.  These furry worms have black on both ends and brown in the middle.  The basic idea is...more black = more snow, more brown = less snow.  Huh.  I had never even heard of these worms until now, so of course we had to go to the festival and check it out :)!

they musta been looking at some other woollies, these look brown to me...

The kids and I had fun walking around and checking out (and doing) all of the fun activities until time for the weather prediction ceremony...

showin off their face paint :)

making woollies

these little kids were too cute :)

The kids even got to race some woollies!  How funny is that?!?!  They lined their worms up on this black board and the first worm to reach the top won.  The winner...Tristan :)!

lining up their squirmy woollies for the race

The ceremony itself, or prognostication as they called it, didn't last very long.  They introduced a panel of judges that would be examining the worms.  The judges, all wearing their long white coats (haha), sat down at a table and checked out the worms.  After about 5 minutes, they announced their findings....that snow, and plenty of it, is on the way!  Not what I was hoping to hear, since I'm up here in a camper and all.  Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see if the worms have spoken truth ;)!

woolly worm says: the winter is gonna be so snowy and severe...

...that it's off the chart.  Thus the chart being tipped over to the snowy side

Have any of you ever heard of the woolly worm predicting winter?  Has it been pretty accurate?  Do tell...

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