Monday, October 14, 2013

The Pennsylvania Grand Canyon

One afternoon last week, we went out for a drive.

Our main destination for the afternoon was to be the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon, but first we took a few side roads...we wanted to try and see one of the gas well locations where Dan has worked and also maybe see a bear (they saw several while working in that particular area).

We found some well sites easily enough, but we couldn't get anywhere near them.  They are all manned by 24hour security!  I had never seen anything like that before (not that I have been out to many oil/gas sites, but I've driven past a ton of them in Wyoming, Texas, Colorado, etc. and none of those have had security).  There were permanent guard shacks out by the roads that turn off to each gas well to prevent anyone without clearance from going to them (the guards were nice, they did smile and wave as we passed).  Why does PA have these?  Is it because the sites are mostly hidden back in the woods, unlike out west where they are out in the open, thus inviting trouble?  Very curious...  We would never have gotten out at the site even if it had been unsecured, we wouldn't even have driven all the way up to it.  We just wanted to get a peek at it from a distance.  Oh well, it was a pretty drive through the woods, anyway :).

We continued on our way towards the PA Grand Canyon and enjoyed the pretty scenery.  I just have to say, I have never seen so many huge old houses and barns in my life!  Every where you look there seems to be a farm, a beautiful old home, or's crazy!

I didn't really know what to expect at the canyon.  We pulled in and there was a parking lot that made a loop with a building at the end that said "Entrance to Views"...

You walk through that, there are two small rooms on each side -a gift shop and an information area, and then just a few steps and you are at the edge of the canyon.  Very short walk, which I guess is good because it makes it accessible to anyone and everyone.  There were people with mobility issues soaking in the view right along side everyone else, that's nice :). usual, I'm rambling on and on...the canyon was very pretty.  The drive out was nice, the place itself was clean, quiet, and peaceful.  I'm glad we went to see it.  The end :).

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