Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heading to the river

With only two days left until Dan had to leave for work, we had to get busy finding a suitable place to stay.  I mentioned before that Dan goes to work for several weeks and then is off for several weeks.  The weeks that he is gone to work, the kids and I stay put in one place.  Time was quickly running out for us to be settled somewhere for the next month.

We had heard of a campground in Needles, California on the Colorado River that sounded nice for a stay during the winter.  We gave them a call and they didn't have any available sites.  So, we searched for campgrounds in the same general area and Dan found a winner.  Excellent price (even cheaper than the one we just left), new and interesting (we had never RV camped on the banks of a river), warm and sunny, and most important KID FRIENDLY :)!

We were up and out of El Centro first thing the next morning.

The drive from El Centro to Needles was an interesting one.  Remember those sand dunes that I wanted to get a better look at?  Well, we got to drive right through them :).

We stopped long enough to walk around and fill our shoes up with sand ;).

our truck and 5th wheel

We weren't the only ones that thought they were neat, they were crawling with people!  There are sections of the dunes that are open to camping and OHV riding.  I have never seen so many campers pulling some sort of 4-wheeler in my life.  Craziness!  I have to say, it did look like BIG fun!!!  Definitely something to do with a group of people.

The traffic, and all of it RV's, was insane.  There were even police out at intersections to help with all of it.  They were mostly heading in the opposite direction of us (towards San Diego), so we didn't have any problems. 

The only "problem" we had was with the road itself.  *UGH*  The road was like a roller coaster...up and down, up and down, up and down...  Big ups and downs that would make your stomach feel funny. wasn't so funny when our littlest got very car sick and we still had a ways to go :(.  My advice?  If you plan to travel on US 95/Hwy 78 between El Centro and Needles and have even the slightest inclination towards motion sickness, you better take some dramamine.  I know we sure will next time!

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