Sunday, December 9, 2012

California - Imperial Valley

The next morning, we wanted to go see the area.  We all piled in the car to go exploring.

We knew we were close to the Mexican border, so we wanted to go see it.  Just because.  All around our campground were fields planted with something green, kale maybe?  Not sure.  The road sorta zig-zagged towards the border as it went around all the fields.  We were only about 10 miles from the border, but we had to drive further than that the way we went (dirt roads) to find a public road that went all the way to the fence.

We pulled up at the end of the dirt road and stopped.  We were out in the middle of nowhere, yet there were cameras up on tall poles...pointing at us!  In a matter of seconds a Border Patrol truck drove within sight of us and stopped...also pointing at us!  We were very obviously being watched, but whatever...we weren't doing anything wrong.  We took a few photos and were about to leave when the kids spotted a Roadrunner.  Those birds are so unique and SO FAST!  We all started shouting "Look, look!", and pointing as the bird zoomed by.  Well, this caused the BP dude to open his truck door.  For what, I don't know.  We didn't hang around to find out :)!

On the way to the fence, we had seen a bunch of tall palms clustered in the distance.  I was hoping it was a date farm, so we headed that direction next.  When we got close enough to tell what it was, it was just some unkept palms.  Huge and beautiful - yes, but no date farm.  We drove a little further down that road and entered the Yuha Desert, a section of the Sonoran Desert.

Shortly after that, we headed towards town to get some groceries.  English was spoken as a second language in El Centro, Spanish was number one.  I guess because just 10 or so miles south is the Mexican city of Mexicali with nearly one million people.  Anyhow, this made for a different shopping experience.  People weren't unfriendly, they weren't friendly either...we were mostly just ignored.  Weird.

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