Monday, December 17, 2012


It was such a relief to arrive at our campground in Needles, California.  Mainly because that meant the car was stopped and no one would be car sick anymore ;).

The campground is divided into two parts.  Well, three parts really.  They have cabins that you can rent in one section, a campground area that is up close to their marina, and they also have campsites out on a peninsula that are right next to the Colorado River.

We chose to stay in a site on the river.  This part of the campground is separate from the other parts.  The road out here is rough, but it is worth it.  WOW!  So pretty!!!

It is like camping on a giant sandbar.  Very wildernessy ;)...

Before we even got out of the car, we had our first guests...some funny geese showed up!  They were looking for food, of course.  Tristan was more than glad to give them the lunch that he was too sick to eat.

We quickly got the camper into place and then we went down to the water.  I just have to say, the water is so beautiful.  It is crystal clear and cold, so nice :).  The kids had a blast...running up and down the bank and skipping rocks.

Fishing until the sun was gone and the moon took its place...

Finally, this is where we will spend our Christmas :)

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