Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A great little place

Our month in Benson went by way too fast.  We had some good times there and met some great people.

In addition to the things I've told you about, we also...

Did some shopping in Huachuca and Sierra Vista.  These two towns are one right after the other just south of Benson.
*We replaced the mattress that came with our RV with a new one from a shop in SV.  It is more comfortable for sure, but one thing that I didn't consider beforehand was how heavy it would be.  This only matters because our bed lifts up for storage underneath and I keep all of the kids homeschool supplies under there.  I access it every day and it is a little harder now, but not that big of a deal.
*We purchased two little folding tables and two chairs for the kids room.  I had been wanting some sort of little desk for the little kids to use for school and we found the perfect ones at Target.  They fit the space just right and fold for travel days.  Too funny---the day we went to get them, Dan was with us because I needed him to help me measure.  I love shopping in Target and can easily spend hours roaming around in there.  For a while now, I have purposefully avoided going in there so as not to be tempted to buy things I don't need and certainly don't have a place for.  This day, we went directly to the furniture section, got our stuff, and I was ready to go.  Dan looked at me with this expression of disbelief and asked if we were really done.  I said yes and he practically sprinted for the checkout (he dislikes Target).  Trust me, it was funny ;).
*The kids all got new water bottles.  Silly me, I left ours behind in South Dakota and we had been buying prefilled ones until we could find some we liked.  It is SO nice to have good reusable water bottles.  Much healthier to take along where ever you are going, cheaper too.  Hopefully we (meaning me) can keep up with the new ones :). 

Trevor got a new bike, he had totally outgrown his other one.  Seemingly overnight :).

We watched a fireworks show at Lions Park during their Butterfield Overland Stage Days.  We didn't get to have any on the 4th of July in South Dakota because of all of the wildfires and burn bans in effect.  So, this was a very nice surprise.

The boys bought a walking stick from the Farmer's Market.  I have to mention it because it is made from the flower stem of a yucca plant.  It is thick and super strong, to look at it and feel it you would think it is a tree limb.  Nope...flower stem.  The man selling them was so nice, he really enjoyed visiting with our boys each week.  The boys wanted one because the man told them they could whack snakes with it :).

these are the yucca plants with the flower stem...crazy big

We had our first experience with the Border Patrol.  They have a permanent check point set up between Sierra Vista and Benson.  All traffic is routed through this open shed-like thing and you have to stop for a "check".  There were always several agents outside, but I'm guessing many more inside by the number of BP vehicles parked.  A drug dog weaves in and out of the cars while an agent looks in your window and asks you "are you and everyone in your vehicle US Citizens?"  With a yes from me, the guy would nod and wave and we could be on our way.  You don't go through these checks going south (obviously), but if you are within a certain distance of the border you have to go through them to go back north.  This was our first of many...they are on every road going north, big and small. Kinda weird thing to have your citizenship questioned while in the US, but I do understand why they have these.

Overall, we loved our stay in Benson.  It's a great little town :)!

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