Tuesday, December 18, 2012

S'more please

What is it about campfires that make kids eat waaaay more than normal?
Is it the fresh night air?

Is it because they get to cook the food themselves by sticking various things on sticks and holding it over a flame?

Or is it because they get to eat all the "junk" food (aka hot dogs and s'mores) they can hold ;)?  

Dan is such a good dad.  Any time we are somewhere that allows fires, he makes sure the kids have one.  They love it and he loves being able to give them one.  (I love not having to cook!  hehehe) 

Thank you, Lord, for a healthy and happy family...

I am so blessed!


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  1. What an interesting place to spend Christmas--definitely unforgettable! The sand and bare feet make me jealous; we are having a blizzard with 40 mph winds right now! It will be fun to follow your blog for this campground and see what adventures await you.