Saturday, October 27, 2012

Work and Play

The next day, Dan had to leave for work.  He is employed in the oil industry with a schedule of several weeks on and then several weeks off.  The company he works for provides his airfare from anywhere in the US to the job location.  So, the kids and I kissed him goodbye and were on our own for the next several weeks in Utah.  (and yes, we miss him terribly when he is at work and vice versa)

The kids and I typically hang around home more when Dan is at work.  We homeschool our kids and with 5 of them ages 7-12, it takes a good portion of the day just for schooling.  When our school was done each day, we would usually go to the campground pool for an hour or two.  Our kids all love to swim, so this was a wonderful treat for them.

 The campground we stayed at was on the edge of the city and fairly large.  Because of this, it stayed pretty full.  This was actually nice, because there were always other children for ours to play with.  Quite often we would have between 8 and 10 children (ours plus friends) in our little yard.  I am laughing as I type this because I wonder what some of the other campers thought when they drove past my camper and saw all those kids. Haha!

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