Monday, November 19, 2012

Travel day

We try to keep a close eye on the weather forecast so that we can be as prepared as possible with the camper and our traveling.  We had planned to drive to Tucson the next day for a repair appointment for our a/c's and furnace.  When we checked the weather the evening before, we saw that tornadoes, rain, high winds, hail, and then freezing temps were forecast for the next day.  Thankfully, we had planned to leave the area already, we just got up and going extra early to head out before the storms.  We did go through some rain and winds, but God took care of us and it wasn't very bad.

It took pretty much the whole day to travel what should have taken five hours.  We had to go slow the first part of the day because of the weather.  Several places we traveled through the wind had stirred up dust storms.  It was like a hazy, brown fog.  Weird and a little scary with the camper.  We did stay ahead of the worst of it, thankfully.

Along the way, we saw something that took us by surprise...

A Saguaro cactus forest!  The kids were all saying...SO COOL!  These are beautiful to see :), so big.

We made it to Tucson that evening and checked into our spot for the night.  The place where we had our repair appointment scheduled also has a campground, camper dealership, and Camping World store.  It is called Lazydays, and it is really nice.  I meant to take some pictures there, but never did.  *sigh*  At each campsite there is a citrus tree of some, lemon, grapefruit.  And they encourage you to help yourself to all you want.  Nice!  I just have to mention the laundry, too.  You can pay with your debit card and then go online and see how much time is left on your machine until your clothes are done.  Neat :).

We were all tired and went to bed early.  We had to be up early and have our camper over at the service department at 8:00 the next morning.

Our last night without any a/c or heat...Yay!

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  1. Okay--I've never heard of such a nice laundromat!! I guess that what happens when a camping dealership probably is connected with it. Or maybe it is just the new age of campgrounds! Glad you made it out ahead of the weather, safe and sound. The saguaro cacti are so neat--I've never seen them in person yet. We only saw the smaller kinds when we were in CO down by the Royal Gorge. Hope you get your heat and AC working again--I hear those desert nights can be rather chilly!