Thursday, November 29, 2012

Arizona - Willcox

The kids and I were ready for a day trip so I got online and started looking up places to visit.  I came across a place that advertised a pumpkin patch, apple orchard, corn maze, u pick produce and sunflowers, and grilled burgers with homemade apple pie and ice cream.  Wow, really?  All that in the desert of Arizona?  This we had to see!

I checked the weather, sunny as usual with just a slight breeze.  It promised to be the perfect day, so off we went to Willcox, AZ and Apple Annie's.

The drive started off as anticipated with great weather.  We left Benson and headed east on I-10.  The terrain started to change as we approached the Dragoon Mountains and entered Texas Canyon.  It went from sandy desert with lots of vegetation to big, rounded granite boulders all jumbled this way and that.  It was so pretty we had to stop for a closer look :).

After a little walk around, we continued our drive to the orchard.  Just as we left the canyon behind we noticed a significant change in the weather.  It was very windy and very sandy again.  Not a good combo.  By the time that we got to the orchard, the dust was really blowing.  We couldn't open our mouths without getting them full of grit.  Bummer.

We had no choice but to skip the orchard, so we bought a bag of apples and went to find the lunch :).  No go on that, too.  The seating was all outdoor.  In the middle of a dust storm, that didn't sound fun.  So....we went into the store for some goodies to take home.  Jackpot!  Fresh from the oven, still warm apple pies.  We also got a pumpkin roll and some fresh butter (I had taken along a cooler).

The pumpkin patch was a few miles down the road, but run by the same family.  They gave us a map, and we headed there next.  The dust was blowing there, too.  So, we opted to just purchase some already picked produce.  Their prices were excellent and everything that we bought was delicious.

We left the dust behind and went back into town for a late lunch.  Tyler had spotted a Popeye's Chicken and everyone was happy with plan B.  After we ate, we did a little shopping at Beall's Outlet...we hadn't seen one of those since Florida.  We found a microscope for a good price that the kids needed for school and some flip flops :).

The day didn't turn out anything like we had anticipated, but it was still a great day :).

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