Saturday, November 3, 2012

Be happy anyway

Because of our repair needs, we ended up leaving the Pony Express RV Resort one night early.  We weren't able to sleep in our camper while it was getting fixed, so we checked into a hotel.  I have to say, traveling in our 5th wheel has totally spoiled us.  It is so nice having our own home with us where ever we go.

After we dropped the camper off at the shop, we went to the hotel and got checked in.  Both Dan and I were SO exhausted feeling.  We decided to trade off with watching the kids so that each of us could rest and get a little break.  I took the kids with me to do laundry in town while he napped.  Then he took the kids to the pool and let them swim while I rested.  I never lay down and rest during the day, so I should have known something was up.  During the night we ALL got sick.  Some kind of sinus, achy, nauseated, awfulness.  The next morning Dan went to Walgreen's and got us what we needed to start feeling better.  Sweet guy :).

Fully medicated, we checked out of the hotel and had all day to fill while waiting on our camper.  So, we got the oil changed in my car, the boys got haircuts, we did a little shopping.  During all of this, the campground where we thought we were headed that night called to say they had overbooked and didn't have a site for us after all.  Oops.  They were actually very apologetic about it and gave us the names of several other places in the same area to try and call.  It all worked out and we were able to get in at another park.  It was slightly more expensive, but not too bad.

Late afternoon, our camper was all fixed and ready to go.  We were finally on our way to our next destination....Moab, Utah.  We had a 4+ hour drive, so we didn't get there until well after dark.  We were sick, tired, and ready to be back in our own beds.  We got all hooked up, slides out, and went to turn on the air conditioner.  It didn't work.  No power to the thermostat.  Completely dead.  NOOO!!!  When the repair guys pulled out the furnace and assorted stuff in the depths of the camper, they failed to rewire everything correctly.  The 4+ hour drive away repair guys.  Remember I told you that the other a/c had died in Salt Lake, now they were both dead.  And it gets really hot in Moab.


That night I realized we had a choice to make.  We could be upset or we could choose to be happy anyway.  There was nothing we could do about it.  So why let it ruin our day?

It really turned out to be a blessing in some ways.  How?  Well, with no a/c we kept our windows and door open instead of being closed away inside (God kept the rain away but provided clouds to cool the temperatures down).  We got to enjoy the breeze all day and snuggle up under our comforters at night.  With the door open, the kids were more free to run in and out when ever they wanted.  No worries.  We ate more picnics and spent more time together outside.  We had fun.

We chose to be happy anyway.

***I started writing this yesterday, but didn't get it finished and posted.  Ya'll, today something else broke.  Our refrigerator is dead.  For real.   Actually, it broke yesterday and I didn't realize it until today.  I noticed the drink I got out wasn't very cold, so I started checking around in there.  Squishy butter, too warm milk.  And the freezer?  Full of water.  The bag of ice had been melting and dripping in there.

My first reaction was to feel sorry for myself, but that only lasted a minute and I got over it.  We have so much to be thankful for, I refuse to let a mere inconvenience (or a string of them) steal my joy.

Yes, we will get these things fixed.  We have a warranty.  In the meantime we will use an ice big deal.

I will do my best to enjoy each day of this journey, it truly is a gift.

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