Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Aliens and Jaguars

One evening, the kids and I were walking along the campground road in front of our camper.  A man was out walking his little dog and like magnets the dog and kids were drawn to each other :).  While the kids and dog played, we all chatted for a bit.

He had seen our South Dakota tags and was curious as to how we were enjoying southern Arizona.  I confessed to him my hesitancy to actually go into the desert.  Now, any of you that know me probably can guess why I hesitate.  One word...tarantulas.  **shiver**  I detest any and all spiders.  Just the thought of coming across one of those giant, hairy things gives me the creeps!  Ew...

Anyway, this man we had just barely met had no idea of my reasons and started to talk about walking in the desert.  He said that he regularly walks for miles and miles with no problems.  He said if you come across illegal aliens just pretend like you didn't see them and turn around and go the other way.  Say what?  Totally didn't see that coming :)!  My mind was on spiders and bugs...he starts talking aliens.  Haha!  We were only about an hour from the Mexican border, so I guess it should be given consideration.  He also told me not to leave any big water bottles out at night because the aliens might take them.  Hm... ok.

As if that weren't enough, he then tells me about going into the mountains that you could see all around the area.  He said he has at one time or another hiked or jeeped to the top of each of them.  He told me to tell Dan that he could go with a group of them sometime when they go jeeping.  Sounds fun, right?  Then he tells me about the jaguar that was seen in the mountains the last week.  Seriously?

Jaguars and aliens...I had to check it out online.

Uh...he wasn't kidding.  Freaked me out pretty good, gotta tell ya.

We were fine, though.  No jaguars or giant spiders, either.  And the only aliens we saw were on our beach towel ;)...

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