Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Tyler!

While in SLC, we celebrated two birthdays.  First Ashlyn, then Tyler.  These two were born just over 12 months apart.  So, when one party ends it's time to plan the next one :).

For shopping, we love Amazon Prime.  We use this all the time and 2 day shipping is free (with a paid membership).  That is what I do when Dan is out of town and I need to order birthday surprises for the kids.  Dan and I talk about what we want to get for the birthday boy or girl and then I go online and order it.  So quick and easy and I can have it delivered to whatever campground we happen to be at.

One thing we do on our kids birthdays is let them choose a special meal.  It can be lunch at any restaurant they choose or a home cooked meal.  Whatever they want.  After much deliberation, Tyler finally decided that he wanted to eat at Cracker Barrel.  You know what he ordered?  Pancakes :).

We went and saw a movie, then we went home for cake and presents.  For his cake, he wanted an angel food cake with peanut butter icing.  We bought the cake and made the icing to go on it.  He loves peanut butter, so he was thrilled!

birthday legos

We had a wonderful day celebrating our little boy :)

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  1. So good to catch up on your blog--we were at Jim's over the weekend, so just got back home and am checking emails and stuff. I am so proud of you, Melonie, for your great attitude when the chips are down! Your kids will learn well from you when they see your good choices, and you obviously had to make a hard choice. Hopefully by now you're getting things fixed (the right way!) and enjoying some more family fun! Tell Tyler his airplane is really cool!