Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Arizona - Benson

The rv service place was able to get our main air unit fixed and order parts to fix the second unit.  That meant we would need to stay in the general area until the parts could arrive.  This was going to take several weeks, but it worked out just right because we needed to be settled somewhere for that long anyway for Dan to go back to work.

We didn't want to be in the city this time, our last monthly site was in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We were ready for a slower pace for a while.  The place we found was perfect for us.  We spent the next month in Benson, Arizona at Cochise Terrace RV Resort.  We pretty much had the entire place to ourselves, it was a VERY welcome change to the tons of people in SLC.  The people who were there were mostly full time residents and some of the sweetest people I have ever met.

The weather while we were in Benson was gorgeous.  Warm and sunny...we spent every afternoon swimming at the pool.  So nice to be able to do that in October and November :)!  The kids loved it, so that made us happy.  Our mornings were spent doing school work.  It is amazing at how motivated the kids were to get their school finished in time for swimming ;).

Our campground had a Farmer's Market every Friday and Sunday.  I really enjoy going to Farmer's Markets, so this made me very happy :).  The kids and I went each week and really got to know the people who were selling their goods.  (I have to say it again, sweetest people you will ever meet!!!) We bought fresh local veggies, fruits, eggs, dried beans, salsa (so good!), homemade tortilla chips, tamales, breads, prickly pear cactus fruit jelly, and the girls got some fun new beads.  Both purchased and given to them by our new friends at the market.  Oh, and pistachios!  We love to snack on them and bought a bag every week.  I never knew they grow in Arizona.

 The sunsets there were so beautiful...

The perfect place to soak up some sun and rest :).

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  1. Wow--I have gotten behind with the busyness of the season and this is so fun to catch up on your life--I'm glad you're still posting, Melonie! Those photos today were gorgeous and the farmer's market for November with the beautiful produce makes me miss summer!! We didn't even get green beans from our garden this year due to the drought, but we did have some tomatoes, thankfully. Love the sunset and water pics as well. I'm going to take several days to catch up on your posts--can't wait see what ya'll have been seeing and doing. Love ya! Rhoda