Friday, November 30, 2012

Arizona - Sonoran Desert

Benson, Arizona is in the Sonoran Desert.  This desert is one of the largest in North America and extends from Mexico and Baja into California and Arizona.

Prior to this road trip when I thought of desert an image of barren, dry sand came to mind.  There are parts that are just that, but the majority of the desert is teeming with life.  (Even Jaguars, apparently)

We didn't see much wildlife during our stay, but we didn't exactly go looking for it either.  We saw a Kangaroo Rat, Roadrunner, and many other birds whose names I don't know.  We saw some lizards, little squirrel/chipmunk critters, and the signs of Javelina in the area.  At night, a group of Coyotes would come through the campground howling and chattering.

What we did see lots of were plants!  So many different trees, cacti, bushes.  There were so many green and living things.  Most of them had a thorn or sharp edge, but also a flower or fruit.

The kids and I found it all very interesting.  We enjoyed walking around and checking it all out.

So much beauty!

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