Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tarpon Springs, Florida

When we left Homasassa, we made a beeline for Tarpon Springs and all things Greek.

Our first stop was at a restaurant called Mr. Souvlaki and it was GOOD!  We ordered several things to share and try, but our favorites were the Saganaki, Spanakopita, Avgolemono, Greek Chow Mein, and of course the Gyros.  The portions are huge and super affordable, for about $40(the same as going through a drive thru burger place) the six of us ate dinner, late night snack, and then had the rest for breakfast the next morning.  Awesome!

With our bellies full, we parked at the docks and went for a much needed stroll...

Tarpon Springs is mainly known for two things:  sea sponges and it's Greek community.  The two are intertwined...back in the 1800's, the sponge harvesting industry was booming.  To harvest the deeper sponges, divers from the Greek Islands were brought in.  They settled in Tarpon Springs and the rest is history.  Today, T. Springs has the largest community of Greek Americans in our nation.

We went in a few shops and checked out the assortment of sponges and Greek souvenirs.  We were waiting in line to pay for some postcards and the folks in front of us were speaking in Greek with the cashier.  Pretty cool :).

Leaving Tarpon Springs, we continued south towards our next stop.  Crossing Tampa Bay on the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just ahead of a storm... ultimately arrive at our destination for the night:  Myakka State Park.  We rented one of their historic palm cabins for the night and it was so neat!  I'll tell ya'll all about it in my next post, but here's a peek for you...

...very wildernessy :).

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  1. You are such an adventurer, Melonie! You have grown so much as I've gotten to know you over the years from the time Dan married you until now! No wonder Dan loves you--I think you keep his life interesting! It's good to see you blogging again. Looking forward to reading some more of your travels; your kids will be so well-educated from all they experience!