Saturday, June 7, 2014

Myakka Palm Cabin

After such a long day, we were a little later than I had planned getting to our cabin for the night.  I knew it was an older cabin, in the woods, in a State I had really wanted to get there mid afternoon-ish to get settled in and maybe explore the park a little before dark.  Well...we made it in before dark, but just barely!  A quick stop at the Ranger station to get the keys and a map and we were on our way...but wait, where's the cabin?  Huh?  Oh...there it is...down a skinny little trail through the jungle :D hahaha!...

We had to park our car out by the cabin loop road and carry our stuff down the path to the cabin, which wasn't a big deal since it was still daylight and all.  Had it been dark...probably been a slightly bigger deal ;).  Our conversation as it was..."Did you hear something in the bushes?".."No.  Did you?".."No".."Was that a snake?".."No.  It wasn't, right?".."I don't know...".."Something is moving in the bushes.  I heard it.".."You did?  What was it?"..and on and on, hehehe...  Nope, no big deal at all ;).

There are only 5 cabins for rent at this park and they are spread out amongst the trees so that you really do feel like you are on some kind of adventure in a jungle somewhere.  We loved it, spooky trail and all ;)!

The cabins themselves are nearly 100 years old, they were built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930's/40's.  I knew that they were called the Historic Palm Cabins, but I thought that was just because they sit beneath a canopy of palm trees.  Not only that, but the logs themselves are palm logs!  For real!!

That was so cool to me, I just never even imagined a log cabin could be made from palm beautiful :)!

After a good nights sleep, we were up the next morning and ready to brave the jungle ;)...


  1. I am planning to visit this place and rent a cabin, it looks really nice. Does it have a bathroom?

    1. Yep, it sure does :). Full bathroom, full kitchen(I believe there was even a stove in there), and then a big open room with the beds, a table and chairs, the fireplace, etc. These cabins are some of our all time favorites, I hope you enjoy staying there as much as we did :)!