Monday, June 16, 2014

Shark Tooth Beach

After wandering the trails at Myakka and searching for fossils at Caspersen Beach, our day wasn't over yet.  As long as there was still daylight to see by, we were up for another adventure.  We grabbed a late lunch/early dinner while the storm blew by and then headed further south to the beach that the kind stranger had told us about.

When we got there, it was still raining a little bit.  My two youngest had zero interest in getting wet (again) and opted to stay beneath the sheltered boardwalk.  I stayed behind with them while the oldest three headed for the edge of the surf in search of treasures...

It was so hard for me to be so close to the edge of the sea and yet not be able to touch it.  I wanted to feel the sand beneath my feet, the salty mist from the water upon my face...

Thankfully, after just a bit, the rain completely stopped and I was able to convince my two littles to join me on the beach :).  We caught up to the other kids and in no time they were all five having the best time (as usual) :).

We didn't walk very far...not because we didn't want to, because there were SO many sharks teeth that we simply didn't get very far :).  They were everywhere!  All over the getting in the water and getting wet (again) required ;).

We stayed until it started getting dark and reluctantly decided to call it a day.  The kids were having so much fun, here's a small sample of what we found...

We will definitely be back :)...


  1. Where is this beach at? I would love to find some shark teeth...I mean my kids would love to. :)

    1. I'd be happy to tell you, for the kids and all ;), but I don't really feel right posting it publicly like this since it wasn't a place that I found on my was shared with me by a local with a kind heart. It's not a secret, I'm sure lots of people know about it, it's just not for me to put on my blog. Ya know? However, if you want to email me, I can give you the info that way... dmbontrager at gmail dot com