Sunday, May 4, 2014

2/19/14-2/24/14 Crooked Island, Florida

It warmed up even more over the next few days, so we decided it was time to go swimming.  Yes, in February :).

We gathered our things and made a beeline for our new favorite spot on Crooked Island...the cove.

The kids had so much fun that day, playing in the water...

...and searching for treasures...

There is always something new to find.  This day there were sea sponges sprinkled all over the sand...

We came upon something else that we didn't know what it was.  This thing:

It was squishy, contracted when we gently touched it, and when we scooped it up from the sand to put it back in the water it squirted purple ink!  We thought maybe we had accidentally killed it, but later looked it up and found out that the purple ink is what it does when it gets scared.  So maybe it lived...we don't know.  It was something called a sea hare, btw.

The very next day, we went back to the same spot.  Only it was once again totally different :).

Windy and too cool to get in the water, we just went for a long walk instead.

Some of us ran ;)...

The waves had carved some neat looking edges into the sand...

We kept going, past our spot from the day before, and came to another smaller cove...

The last time we went to Crooked Island, Tristan found his favorite treasure ever...a shark's tooth! 


  1. FYI .. We learned today .. No pets allowed. Kind game warden showed us in and tipped us off about the $500 fine for pets on beach. A friendly officer Lord patrolling the area tells us he sees about one bear per week also.

    1. Yes, this is true...Crooked Island is in Bay County and they don't allow pets on their beaches. If you are looking for a beach that allows pets, one county to the East is Gulf County and all of their beaches are pet friendly - including Cape San is really pretty out there, too :).