Saturday, May 3, 2014

1/16/14 Crooked Island, Florida

This day was cold...

...which meant it was the perfect day for taking a long walk on Crooked Island.


Because that meant that we pretty much had the whole beach to ourselves.

Is there anything better than a deserted beach?

Not in my opinion :).

We found lots of great treasures...

...and the kids were free to run and explore to their hearts' content...

This beach closes at sunset since it is part of Tyndall AFB. 

As usual, we pushed it to the very last possible minute, staying until the sun had dropped down into the gulf...

Then we had to hurry up and get back to our car, because the beach does close at sunset, ahem ;).


  1. Love finding your blog about Crooked Neck Beach. I fell in love with Mexico Beach 2 years ago, and was let in on this secret Crooked Neck Beach heaven by someone my husband struck up a conversation with. We are anxiously waiting vacation time to go discover this place for ourselves. Do they have showers/restrooms there? Just trying to somewhat prepare with the kiddos.

    1. Hi Jennifer! I agree with you, the whole Mexico Beach area is pretty awesome :). As far as facilities at the Crooked Island beach access, there's not much there...just a porta-potty (ew!) and a garbage dumpster. No fresh water or showers. Something we used to do when our kids were little was take along several gallon jugs of water to rinse their feet and legs before getting in the car to go home, that and everyone gets a big beach towel to sit on and the car stayed pretty clean. I also would take along a pack of wet wipes for sticky hands and faces and we were good to go. I hope that helps and ya'll have a wonderful time at a WONDERFUL beach ♡