Monday, May 5, 2014

Audrey's 10th Birthday

February was my baby girl's birthday month. 

She is officially in the double digits. 

Ten.years.old.  I know it is said (way too) often, but the time really does fly right by...

She wanted to decorate her own cake, so that's exactly what we did.  We cheated a little and bought an angel food cake, but the rest was all us :).  Homemade peanut butter icing and chopped up Hershey Bar sprinkles...a Reese Cup!

We had the cake and one small gift while her daddy was home on his days off (a little before her actual day).  Then, on her birthday day we went into Panama City to eat lunch at Chill (froyo) and go shopping at Hobby Lobby and Target.  She had a good time and felt loved, which was the whole point.  Even if I did forget to give her the rest of her birthday presents until April.  *hanging head in shame*  Sorry Audrey!  You know I love, love, love you!!! xoxo

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