Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Welcome to Massachusetts

It was really hard to leave Maine behind, but we had to keep making our way back towards Pennsylvania.  We drug our feet as much as possible, though, and did a bit more sight seeing along the way.

Following Rt 1 south out of Maine, we cut across the corner of New Hampshire, and then into yet another new state for us...Massachusetts!  The kids and I all wanted to stop in Boston, but the Mr. did not.  Big cities are probably as low on his list as anything can possibly be, and since he did just surprise us with an AWESOME trip to Niagara Falls and beyond, we couldn't really argue with his request to skip the city.

So, I give you a drive by version of Boston ;)...

Tobin Bridge

Bunker Hill Monument

Zakim/Bunker Hill Memorial Bridge

O'Neill Tunnel

The tunnel, part of the "Big Dig", let us zoom beneath the city and skip all of the traffic and congestion on the surface.  When it spit us out at the end, the city of Boston was a mere reflection in our mirrors. 

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