Thursday, January 23, 2014

Plymouth Rock

Even though we skipped right through the city of Boston without stopping, we did take the time to visit a few other places in Massachusetts.  First stop, Plymouth, to pay a visit to the famous Plymouth Rock.

From elementary school up, we hear stories of the Pilgrims landing on this rock.  It's a story that is repeated throughout our lives, ingrained in our memories.  It's part of our history as a nation.

But is it true?

I had always believed it to be, until our visit to Plymouth.

Reading the signs that are around the park, they say basically that some really old guy that was alive at the same time as some of the original Pilgrims recalled stories of a rock that the Pilgrims stepped upon when leaving their boat and coming to shore.  He was carried down to the harbor at the age of 95 and asked to point out the rock from the stories.  The rock he pointed to became known as Plymouth Rock.  Hmm...

There are those that say no, the boat would never have pulled alongside a rock to disembark.  It was made of wood, after all. 

There are those that say yes, of course it's true.  The original rock was approximately 15'x3' and made a perfect natural pier upon which to exit a boat.

I don't know if it's true or not, and I really don't think it matters. 

Plymouth Rock is more than just a stone, it's a symbol.  New beginnings, perseverance, strength.  The quest for freedom that was realized by those brave souls that sailed the seas to find a new land.  A free land.  Our land. 

This rock is a monument to them and a reminder to us to appreciate this land we live in.

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