Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Bar Harbor Sea Glass

As I mentioned in my last post, we had been keeping an eye on the tides.  We were waiting on low tide so that we could go...sea glass hunting!

Bar Harbor, Maine, sea glass

There was going to be a negative low tide right at sunset, so that's when we planned to go on our hunt.  Sunset, sea glass, and my favorite peeps...perfection :)!

The place where we decided to take our walk was on the natural land bridge between Bar Harbor and Bar Island.  This "bridge" is only exposed a few hours each day during low tide...so no dawdling, or you could become stranded on the island until the next low tide comes around (or swim for it...neither choice sounds very appealing).

this was all under water just a short time before...that's Bar Island in the distance

It was pretty amazing how fast the tide was going out.  You could literally stand still and watch the water receding!

We had so much fun picking our way among the rocks, ice cold pockets of water, and sea plants that were temporarily uncovered...

There were tons of snail type creatures and clam looking things, both living and just the shells...

And sea glass :)!!!

We became hooked on the hobby of sea glass hunting when we were in California.  It's so much fun and we look forward to any opportunity to go exploring for the colorful treasures.  We don't always find any, and that's ok.  The time spent doing something together as a family is the REAL treasure anyway ;).

The sunset was beautiful, but as soon as it dipped below the horizon it started to get cold.  Really cold...I suppose that's normal for late fall in Maine.

Time to beat feet...the car (and it's heater!!) was waiting.  One more picture first :)...

A happy day for sure :)! <3

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