Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Hampshire

When we left Cabot, Vermont, we had about a five hour drive to get to Bar Harbor, Maine.  It was around lunch time when we finished up the last tour, so we knew if we drove pretty steady through the afternoon we could get most of the way there while it was still daylight.

Just a little ways into our drive, we crossed the Vermont/New Hampshire line.  The New Hampshire state sign is one of the more interesting ones that I have seen, love their slogan...

Another interesting road sign was this one warning of Moose Collisions:

Well that perked us right up!  Not because we were worried about hitting a moose (although that would be really, really bad...they are huge), but because we all wanted to see one!  They aren't exactly common...the last time we had seen one was the year before when we were in the Big Horns of Wyoming.

We all kept our eyes peeled, but it was not meant to be.  No moose sightings that day.  What we did see was beautiful scenery and plenty of it...

New Hampshire, for us, was the perfect New England drive :).

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