Friday, September 27, 2013


Do you know that feeling you get after making a big life change in a short time frame?  Sorta a swirl of emotions all rolled up that leaves you feeling a little dizzy...or maybe that's just me ;).  Anyway, that's a bit of how I've been feeling.  I apologize if my ramblings are all over the place right now, I will eventually get my bearings again (maybe...hehehe).  Bear with me as I try to get my thoughts lined up...

Ok, I have mentioned to ya'll that we stopped our travels for a while and rented a house in Florida to be near family.  It was a nice house and we enjoyed our time there...BUT, it reminded us of a very valuable lesson.  We have 5 kids and because of this we have always thought we needed to have a home of a certain size so that everyone could have their own space (to do what, I have no idea).  Being in that big house showed us just how far we have come in learning that less is truly more and vice versa.  For example...more house to clean = less time to play outside, more house to heat/cool/upkeep = less money for other things, more space to separate yourself from your family in = duh...not spending as much time throughout the day with your family.  Not good :(.

We did enjoy the nice big house, just not the things we had to give up by being there. 

Being back in our camper has been an adjustment, too.  Of course it is.  The first few days it felt like we were tripping over each other, but I think part of that was because we were parked in our driveway with it and trying to get everything settled into its new place.  After a few days of playing rv tetris with our stuff we could finally sit back and relax.  About 2 or 3 days into this, with the house far behind us, I looked around me and I was so thankful to be exactly where I was...side by side with my husband and children, exploring a path through a forest in the Appalachians. THIS is living! 

Spending a beautiful day (many, many days) outside with your family, following any path that looks inviting...or cleaning a big house and mowing your lawn just to turn around and have it all waiting for you to do again, and again.  Hmmm....

I don't need or want a big fancy house somewhere.  Does this mean we will never again have a home other than our camper?  No, I don't think so.  We very well may have one some will just be a much smaller, more cozy one.  One that will allow more freedom for the things that really matter. 

What I know we are living in our camper.  So, today is all I am going to focus on.  I am so blessed to be living in this tiny house surrounded by my most favorite people on the planet... I can't think of any place I'd rather be :)!

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