Saturday, July 19, 2014

All Around Nassau...Part I

We debated booking some sort of activities while in Nassau, there are tons to choose from... 

We almost bought day passes to the British Colonial is walking distance from the ship and you get access to their beautiful beach and pool.  While that would be nice, we wouldn't get to see or do anything else.

drums :)

can you imagine wearing that ???

In the end, we decided to just roam around the island on our own.  No set schedule or place we had to be...

The kids were excited about haggling in the straw market, and haggle they did :).  They each had their own money and they were determined little shoppers.  I was impressed!  It was fun for them and for the vendors :).

sweet lady sewing a purse for Audrey :)

Right as you enter the country from the port, you are bombarded with offers to take a taxi ride, a carriage ride, get your hair braided, etc.  Most of the folks are really nice (although a tad pushy) and a smile and a "no thank you" will keep you moving along on your way (if you aren't interested).  We "no thank you'd" our way to the center of the shopping district before we met Miss Patricia.  She was not at all pushy, just kind of standing off to the side as another lady tried to sell us a boat ride or something.  Long story short...Miss Patricia had a taxi and we ended up going for a ride in it :). 

She took us all over the island...


I had taken one of the taxi tours before (several years ago) and it was not that great.  We went to a few places right on the outskirts of town, over the bridge and back, and that was pretty much it.  Not Miss Patricia.  She took us through neighborhoods, to beaches, forts, resorts, a cave...  Definitely worth the price, we could never have walked to nor probably even found all of those places by ourselves.

At Fort Fincastle, we were dropped off and told to go see the Fort, Water Tower, and Queen's Staircase.  We started at the Fort...

Just as we got to the top of the Queen's Staircase, my camera quit on me.  NO!!!  Fortunately, it was just a full SD card.  Unfortunately, my spare one was in the taxi.  So no good pictures of that gorgeous place to share with ya'll.  Just the slightest little peek...

New SD card, new post...check back later for part II :)

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