Friday, April 18, 2014

Moving forward...

I have realized something...

I have intentionally gotten behind on this blog.  Five whole months behind.


Because it was so much easier to live in the past for the these last five months than it was to live in the present. 

Well, I can no longer run from it.  It's time to start talking about our time here in Florida.  I am going to do these posts a little different than normal (at least, that's the plan right now...could change).  If you don't like pictures of beaches, then you may want to check back in with me in oh, about a month or so.  If you DO like pictures of beaches, then you are in for a real treat...I have lots ;). 

The thing is, during all of the really hard times we've had here in Florida with my mom getting so sick and know...the kids and I have taken solace in the simple act of walking.  Breathing.  Saltwater, seashells, sunsets.  Long walks and longer talks.

I am so thankful that we were able to be here during this time.  There is no other place that I can think of that would bring the same comfort and healing peace as what the seashore provides.

Alright, time to get on with it...

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