Friday, April 25, 2014

12/19/13 Blountstown, Florida

After spending the past week with me at my mom's house, the kids were invited to sleep over for a night at my husband's parents house.  We had a little time before they were ready for the kids to come over, so we took a drive around the town that both my husband and I grew up in. 

The kids had been sitting inside for much of the past several days, so our first stop was a park with a playground.  This park, Sam Atkins Park in Blountstown, is the same one that I would go to when I was a little girl.  Some parts of it haven't changed a single bit...

I would play on that very same swing when I was even younger than my kids are now.  Yeh, it is REAL old, haha ;)...

After everyone that wanted one had a turn on the swings, we went for a short walk on the trail through the woods. 

There is a wooden boardwalk that goes across some swampy areas and takes you from the park to the Panhandle Pioneer Settlement

We didn't go in the Settlement, we just turned around and enjoyed the walk back through the woods...

After leaving the park, our second stop was the river landing. 

If you are familiar with Blountstown, you know that I am talking about Neal Landing. 

Neal Landing is the public boat ramp on the Apalachicola River.  It is a common thing for the locals to ride down to the landing and check the water levels (there is a measuring thing sticking out of the river that tells how high the water is).

Lots of people like to just sit down there and watch the water flow by.  Eat their lunch, chat with a friend, things like that.

Small town living at it's finest :). 

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