Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RV Remodel - curtains

After the paint dried (click here for the first part and a couple before pictures), it was time to start putting things back together.  First on the list was curtains.  We took down the cornices and those curtain strip things that came with the camper (the pattern was just SO ugly, imo) and sold them on Craigslist.  We also took down the blinds while we painted, but those we kept.  They are the day/night blinds and while not the prettiest things in the world, they work way too well to give up.

Time to shop for curtains!  Or not...  Everything I liked was either out of stock (because it was a decent price) or insanely expensive (not happening).  Ok, time to "shop my house" for curtains!  I am not usually much of a curtain person, so the pickings were slim.  How slim?  Well, I only had two sets of curtains.  The cool part is, those two sets were exactly what I needed for the "living room" area in our camper...

funny...the color of the blinds is pretty much what the entire camper used to be

Four windows down, two to go.

Keeping with the theme of using what I already had, it was time to get creative.  I don't know about you, but for me, when I am forced to use what I have vs. just going out and buying something, the results are often far better.  Maybe it's just because I put way more thought into it and therefore appreciate it more.  I dunno.

So anyway, since I knew I didn't have any more actual curtains, I started thinking of anything else I had that might work.  What I found was two little vintage quilts in the perfect sizes and colors!  It was really surprising how perfectly they fit the windows I needed them for, almost like they were meant to be :).

My kitchen window...

I just folded the top of the quilt over and pinned it with safety pins to make a pocket for the curtain rod to slide into.  I open this curtain first thing every morning and close it each night and so far it works great :).

The hall window...

We were able to hang the curtain rod high enough that I could just use ring clips to hang this quilt.  Couldn't be simpler :).  I especially like this quilt because it reminds me of my grandma.  The squares and backing are all from different polyester pantsuits just like she used to wear...I love it!

Well, that's it for our "new" curtains!  

Stay tuned...I have lots more changes to show you :)...

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