Thursday, November 7, 2013

RV Remodel - The Big Reveal

Today I'm going to show ya'll the rest of the changes we made to the main living area in our 5th wheel.  You can see part one here...and part two here, if you're interested.

As I mentioned earlier, we took the couch and dinette out of our camper and sold them on Craigslist.  They were ok as far as being comfortable, but they didn't really "fit" us. 

**I have to stop right here for a minute and give a shout out to two other fulltime families... this family and and this one.  Reading on their blogs about how they tossed all the factory furniture and replaced it with things more suited to their families gave me that final push to "just do it".  To those families, should you ever read this...THANKS :)!**

We decided for us that it was more important to have some really comfy seating (vs. a little seating and a little dining table) and enough of it so that we could all watch a movie together or just hang out in the evenings.  For my husband, that meant having a recliner.  We were able to find a small wall saver one that fits just right.  We added in a futon that also fits nicely and that left room for either a small table or another chair.  Or both!  I had initially planned to get one of the IKEA Poang chairs, but after I put in the table and lamp (which I think really make the space feel more like home), there wasn't enough room.  I decided to try out a little pinkish colored chair that we already owned and it fit perfectly!  Yay for not spending any more money :)!  For a dining table we use the picnic tables outside or we put up a few small folding tables and sit on the couch/chairs in the camper.  So far, we are loving this arrangement :).

When we are traveling, we put everything like this to run the slide in (the lamp rides in the recliner)...

Once we stop, we move the pink chair over and angle the recliner to make things more cozy...

In the picture above, you can see something else we changed.  Dan took out one of the drawers under the tv so that we could put our satellite receiver there.  It was too big to go in the cabinet above the tv, so he put it in that space and secured it with some velcro.  We don't watch much tv, but it sure is nice having the dvr for when we do.

I also hung some of my favorite art on the walls and set out some special mementos.  They make me smile :)...

we had these made at Disney World when the kids were little...btw, camping at Ft. Wilderness is super fun, if you've never been, you should make plans to go!

another peek at my "polyester pantsuit" curtain :)

love the painting I got from this super talented lady

i take those toss pillows outside when we are sitting around in our lawn chairs :)

Monterey Bay sea glass and Cape San Blas shells...<3

The last two things we did really make our space more comfortable to live in...first, we changed out all of our lights to LED's.  It is amazing at how much cooler the LED lights are...the old lights used to get so hot, not to mention the extra electricity the old ones used.

Second, we got a Berkey for our drinking water.  Love!!!  It fits nicely on the kitchen counter and it's so easy now for the kids to get their own drinks.  No more heavy jugs of bottled water nor the waste that comes with that.

Some before and after shots for you:







We are getting ready to do some extended traveling, so I don't know exactly when I'll be back (depends on internet, might just be a day or two).  When I do get back, I have some bunk room changes to share with ya'll. 

Thanks for looking :)!